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Pre-Event Disaster Monitoring/Construction Engineering & Inspection Services

Client: Florida Department of Transportation - District 2

In partnership with EXP, Metric served as the debris monitoring firm for District 2 of the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Within 48 hours after Hurricane Idalia made landfall, Metric, was on sight, trained and deployed over 100 monitors to oversee the debris cleanup of all state roads. 

Our team worked efficiently and safely to have all state roads cleared within 3 months of the storm. Metric provided outstanding debris clean-up services, as well as reconciliation and invoicing services for all contractors involved with the clean-up effort. Metric actively advised and consulted with FDOT on best practices to make sure that the FDOT received maximum reimbursement from FEMA. 

Metric cleared over 1,161,173 CY of debris, removed 49,657 hazardous trees and limbs, and meticulously tracked all relevant data, including state information, DMS’, permits, contracts, land agreements, tipping fees, and more.

Pre-Event Disaster Monitoring.jpg

Project Features

  • FEMA/FHWA Accepted Debris Removal Monitoring

  • Disaster Response and Recovery Management

  • Program Management

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