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Environmental Review for CDBG Projects

Our team is experienced in performing environmental review of HUD-funded projects for our clients, ensuring that projects do not negatively impact the surrounding environment. Our direct experience with Tier I and Tier II reviews demonstrates our ability to evaluate and analyze environmental impacts as they relate to a specific project. 

At Metric, our environmental staff are knowledgeable in Historic Preservation Act laws and are adept in operating within NEPA regulations. Additionally, they can provide proper documentation to satisfy HUD’s requirements under the Environmental Review Procedures’ 24 CFR Part 58 once assessments and reviews are complete. 

We have experience with Wetlands, Coastal Zones, and Endangered Species reviews in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida and can provide your community with safe and compliant environmental reviews needed following a natural disaster.

Service Features

  • Environmental Reviews 

  • CDBG-MIT, CDBG-CV, CDBG-DR Funded Projects 

  • Development of Environmental Review Records 

  • NEPA Compliance

Key Projects

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