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Debris Monitoring

When disaster strikes, restoring public safety and eliminating threats to lives and public health cannot wait. Returning to normalcy is the first step in the road to recovery. Our goal is the same as clients – to restore normalcy as fast as possible while leveraging every federal dollar in the recovery process. Our Field Debris Monitors audit and track contractor trucks to ensure that loads are properly identified and tracked. Our team ensures that all eligible debris removal operations activities are documented and tracked in accordance with the FEMA PA Program.

Our team uses our proprietary electronic Automated Debris Management System™ (ADMS™), to support the implementation of a digital recovery process. This digital process allows greater efficiency and reduced costs by moving from paper and into digital processes.

Service Features

  • FEMA/FHWA Accepted Debris Removal Monitoring

  • Data Management

  • Data Reporting

  • Financial Compliance

  • Automated Debris Management System™ (ADMS™)

  • Measuring and Computing Volumes

  • Payment Reconciliation

Key Projects

Debris Monitoring_edited_edited.jpg
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