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Hurricane Hermine Natural Disaster Debris Monitoring, Construction Engineering and Inspection Services

Client: Florida Department of Transportation - District 3

Leon County, the most heavily impacted by Hurricane Hermine, retained Metric staff to manage the debris removal immediately after the storm. Upon activation, Metric staff was tasked with a special project by the Governor Rick Scott’s Office to manage and monitor the removal of trees and limbs off powerlines, enabling the County to quickly restore power to residents. Following the successful completion of that task, our team assisted the County in the initial clearing of debris on County designated roads, as well as the monitoring of the removal of hazardous limbs and tress. 

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Metric staff provided a database where ticket data, field records, truck certifications, etc. were easily accessible for query.  The team also maintained a database of all the photographs that correlated with the pertaining field documents. Project responsibilities included writing haul tickets for debris removal; maintaining all field records; making daily entries in the project diary to indicate the Contractor's personnel present on the job site, and equipment being utilized on the project; the acceptability of traffic control; the charging of contract time; estimating and documenting debris quantities; determining debris eligibility, types and acceptable disposal methods; measuring and computing haul truck volumes; inspecting the contractor's operations (daily) to ensure that all work was performed in accordance with the specified plans, specifications, and reimbursement program requirements; keeping clear and concise records of the contractual operations, preparing daily, weekly, monthly quantity summaries and breakdowns as well as daily progress reports in conformance with FEMA/FHWA requirements; reconciling and recommending payment of hauling contractor’s invoices. 

Project Features

  • Disaster Response & Recovery

  • Debris Removal (Vegetative & Marine)

  • FEMA PA Program & HMA

  • Financial Compliance

Hurricane Hermine_edited_edited.jpg
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