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Disaster Related Recovery Services

Client: Pasco County, Florida

Metric serves as a grant administration and HMGP recovery consultant for Pasco County. Our team is responsible for establishing consistent oversight standards, providing proactive technical assistance and communication, centralized data and reporting, effective quality management protocols, reviewing and improving procedures, and providing reimbursements and financial management.


Hurricane Ian—Metric compiled and reviewed FEMA PA eligible project costs including force account equipment, materials, and labor. Metric also analyzed field documentation and Scopes of Work.

Hurricane Irma—Prior to Hurricane Irma, the County activated Metric to the County’s Emergency Operations Center to ensure the County was capturing every eligible dollar spent. Metric advised the County regarding numerous FEMA issues, including eligibility, debris, contracting, and labor. Metric coordinated with FEMA and the County to prepare PA grant money, including debris removal, emergency protective measures, and various permanent repair projects.

Hurricane Hermine—Metric assisted the County in reviewing all Project Worksheets that stemmed from Hurricane Hermine, ensuring all eligible costs were documented and captured by FEMA and the FDEM. Metric reviewed the County’s Direct Administrative Costs and assigned them to the appropriate Project Worksheets. Metric reviewed Project Worksheets that were previously reviewed by FEMA and identified additional reimbursable items that FEMA did not include in their original Project Worksheets. Additionally, our team resolved disputes and prepared appeals when unfavorable determinations were received.

Project Features

  • FEMA/FHWA Accepted Debris Removal Monitoring

  • Financial/Programmatic Compliance

  • Policy & Procedure Subject Matter Expertise


  • Disaster Response and Recovery Management

  • Program Management

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Disaster Related_edited_edited.jpg
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