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Sean Marr

Director of Humanitarian Services

Mr. Marr has over 20 years of experience in the disaster and humanitarian recovery industry. He has managed large-scale HHS, FEMA, and CDBG programs in the areas of Immigration, Case Management, and Housing Recovery Programs. His experience is defined by a compassionate concern for the communities we serve and creating and executing project plans that successfully exceed client expectations.

Key Skills:

  • Design and implement sheltering and case management programs for humanitarian and emergency services

  • Cultivate strategic relationships in the industry to best serve our communities in need

  • Manage client and applicant relationships to ensure full transparency and successful project outcomes

  • Lead surge and mass hiring recruitment efforts on projects requiring swift hiring while maintaining high quality employee standards

Project Highlights


CDBG-DR New York Rising Housing Project


New York Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR)

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CDBG-DR Homeowner Opportunity Program (HOP)


Texas General Land Office (TxGLO)

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Pre-Event Disaster Monitoring.jpg

Pre-Event Disaster Monitoring


Florida Department of Transportation - District 2

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